Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Full-Body Functioning aka Team Work

The “Body of Christ” is a metaphor the Bible uses to describe the functioning of God’s people on earth. As Christians, we represent Christ to each other and to the world. Each of us have our own particular gifts, passions, and abilities which God has given us to equip each other and to impact the world in which we live. Full-Body Functioning refers to the value that everyone does their part. It is our vision that this happens both in our meetings, in our shared life together, and is taking place when we each go throughout our personal lives and interact with the rest of the world. The unique setting of simple and organic house churches, both allow for, and encourage participation by every member at every level.

The following lists contain some very practical examples of this idea in action.

During meetings…

* A leader may facilitate a meeting in such a way that maximizes participation by everyone.
* Teaching is discussion oriented so as to allow input from everyone.
* When seeking to make decisions, everyone’s input is requested and encouraged.
* We ask and expect the Holy Spirit to direct our meeting.
* Talkers listen. Listeners talk. Others ask questions.
* Different members may be asked to participate in leadership for bible discussion, children’s lesson, prayer times, or whatever need may arise.

Shared life…

* Everyone is free and encouraged to bring needs, questions, and ideas to the group.
* Anyone may request that the group consider a service project.
* Anyone may ask why we do or don’t do certain things.
* Anyone may bring an idea up for discussion.
* Everyone is encouraged to bring prayer needs, service project ideas, and event recommendations.
* Prayer-chain can be started by anyone at any time.
* Different service projects spark something different in everyone.
* Sometimes we want to do something out of the ordinary with our group.

Personal Lives…

* Express God’s love to everyone at work, school, community, family, and friends.
* Love their wives as Christ does the Church. Parent & disciple their own children.
* Bring Jesus and therefore hope to people through serving them and building relationships.
* Represent Christ to their community through their morals and upright relationships.
* Serve their boss as they would Christ. Help their co-workers. Lift others up

These are all things that we value much in working together as a team and each of us fulfilling our God-given roles in loving others.

What would you add to the list? What would you add to idea? How do you see things in relation to team work and/or full-body functioning?

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