Monday, March 30, 2009

Who wants to buy a Wii?!

Ok, so how do I start this so you believe me?

It's true, I won a Wii!!
No, I really won a Wii!!
This is not a hoax.
This not a sweepstakes.
This is not a con to get you turn over your bank accounts.

No matter, how I start, it sounds phoney.
How about this?

My FREE Wii arrived in the mail today!
They delivered my Wii today that I won!

No matter, how it starts, I know how it sounds.
But, truly today at my house near South Charleston, UPS delivered a brand new in-the-box Nintendo Wii that I won through a random purchase at Blockbuster last fall. The funny part is WE ALREADY OWN A Wii! Now, I know what you're thinking, well, he's a nice guy, why doesn't he just give it to me(us). :~)

Well, you're right, I am a nice guy. But, I'm so nice right now, that we are living on, well let's just say less than we are used to and less than we are comfortable with. The good thing is God has blessed us and provided. He always does. Even better, we have been figuring out how to pay down debt, all while dealing with a much lower income and fun surprises that come up (ie, dishwasher going out and school deciding to buy new cheerleading uniforms during some of the worst economic times that we've seen in a while.)

Now, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying...

Here's what I'm saying...

Who wants to buy a brand new Wii sealed in the box for retail cost? ($250, no taxes :)